Brand of the month: ZERoh!

ZERoh!® is a brand that provides refreshing taste without sugar or calories, enabling consumers to enjoy everyday life with clear conscience, not having to worry about extra calories. With use of only natural flavors and colors it stands out from a lot of other no-sugar products.

ZERoh!® «saft» is easily recognized by its iconic shaped bottles, and exciting flavors in bright colors. By adding nine parts of water, you will get eight liters of refreshing thirst quencher out of each bottle, making it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. With new flavors launched several times each year, you will always find something new to try in the store.

The brand is owned and developed by Lerum AS, the largest and most experienced producer of saft in Norway. It was launched in 2013, and its popularity has grown fast, making it one of the most popular Scandinavian saft brands. The product portfolio has later increased, now consisting in its home country also of the world’s first ice pop without calories and a range of gently sparkling sodas.

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