Brand of the month: Färsking

No Junk, Just Funk! That’s what’s up in the Färsking universe.

Here you will find tasty wholesomeness, free from junk and hidden rubbish. Meaning: zero added sugars, purely natural content and most importantly – taste so good you’re going to call your parents to tell them about it. Welcome. So nice to treat you!

Färsking was founded in Helsingborg back in 2014 by the 17-years old Amanda Larsson and Calle Rosengren with the intent to create better food for our youth. Growing up, all cereal made for kids and youth which Amanda and Calle found were sugar filled, nutrition-lacking-junk. Meanwhile, all “healthy” cereals were targeted towards adults. By the end of their teen years this was still the case. So, in 2018 Färsking launched its first products, two variants of Färsking Granola.

With Conaxess Trade as partner for sales & distribution, we have seen the granola spread to over 900 stores! We are far from finished, though. The granola is just the start of our fight against poor health among youth. In September 2019, we launched the Färsking OatSmoothie. It’s the perfect to-go drink combining the fulfilling fibers of oats with the refreshing, sweet flavors of fruits! Replacing junk food with funk food is the starting point of our revolution – join the movement!


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